Chapter List

Foreword, by Steve Haskin, Preface, Introduction
  • Part I: The Caracas Cannonball
    • Chapter 1 — Derby of the Missing
    • Chapter 2 — Two Indians and a Black
    • Chapter 3 — No Liz Taylor
    • Chapter 4 — Encore at Pimlico
    • Chapter 5 — Déjà vu All Over Again
  • Part II: King Ranch and Beyond
    • Chapter 6— Stymied
    • Chapter 7 — All Heart
  • Epilogue
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • About the Author

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“It is a story that has been crying out to be told for over four decades, a story that no fiction writer could ever conceive. . . . It is time to remember Cañonero and a special time in racing when the entire sport was set ablaze by a horse they called the “Caracas Cannonball.” You are now about to embark on this remarkable journey, thanks to Milt Toby and the passion and brilliant storytelling that exudes from every page. By the end, you will be shouting “Viva Cañonero,” and a new generation of Cañonero fans and admirers will be born.” (From the Foreword by Steve Haskin, Senior Correspondent for The Blood-Horse.)